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Clackamas Community College – Fall 2017

Oregon Undergraduate Mathematics Programs

Portland State University Math Home Page | Math Course Offerings

OIT/Wilsonville College Home Page

OIT/Klamath Falls Applied Math Home Page | Math Course Offerings

Oregon State University Math Home Page

University of Oregon Math Home Page

Western Oregon University Math Home Page

Graphing Software

3D Calculus Plotter (website, Java-based): A set of plotting tools that are tailored to fit the Vector Calculus curriculum

Virtual TI calculator (freeware, Windows only): To use, first extract the zip file. Then double click on Vti (or Vti.exe) to launch the program.

Winplot (freeware, Windows only): A powerful graphing package developed by Rick Parris, a math instructor at Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire

Graphing Calculator: A powerful and easy-to-use graphing and algebra software package developed for the Mac and also available for Windows machines ($40 student price).

Mathematics, an online math dictionary covering beginning algebra through calculus, written and published by me, Bruce Simmons

Khan Academy, a collection of instructional videos helpful for all kinds of beginning and advanced math (and statistics)

Mathworld, an online math dictionary covering advanced topics (calculus and beyond), created by Eric Weisstein and published by Wolfram (publishers of Mathematica®)

WolframAlpha, an online computational engine from Wolfram Research, the makers of Mathematica®.

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Expand (a+b)^n joke

Making six the hard way Some infinities are bigger than other infinities.

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